cBright Lighting is an innovator offering integrated LED solutions in area, architectural and accent lighting. We believe intelligent, smaller lighting forms with precise optics is the direction to fully leverage the advantages of LEDs in lighting applications. We address fixture design at the pixel and module level, creating solutions that are customizable and comprehensive to meet the challenges of lighting projects.

We have applied our patented EncapLED technology on our complete series of LED White, RGB, and RGBW Pixel Flex, LED linear, wall washer and flood light with IP68 rating.  It opens the door for new applications of full-color LED lighting in outdoor architectural and theatrical settings that were unimaginable before.  

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area,  cBright is an industry leader with cutting-edge technology, customized and comprehensive products, competitive pricing and superior customer service.  Whether you are a lighting designer, manufacturer, or end user seeking energy-efficient and innovative LED lighting solutions, cBright is your invaluable business partner.   



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EncapRGBTM pixel module with IP68 rating is the most durable module that can stand the most exteme weather condisitons.

cBright can configure our modules and fixures into various shapes and brightness based on project requirements.

cBright offers a complete range of modules, color temperature, wattage and lens with intelligent control to meet the most demanding project requirements.